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CToxiGLRenderer Class Reference

#include <CToxiGLRenderer.h>

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Public Methods

 CToxiGLRenderer ()
 ~CToxiGLRenderer ()
void setupRenderer (int _width, int _height, int _bits)
bool createContext ()
bool killContext ()
int getRendererType ()
void swapBuffers ()
void sampleDrawScene ()
void sampleInitScene ()
void sampleResizeContext ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


CToxiGLRenderer constructor

Definition at line 44 of file CToxiGLRenderer.cpp.


CToxiGLRenderer destructor

Definition at line 48 of file CToxiGLRenderer.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool CToxiGLRenderer::createContext   [virtual]

Virtual context creator

Implements CToxiRenderer.

Definition at line 94 of file CToxiGLRenderer.cpp.

References ERROR_TITLE, CToxiRenderer::hDC, CToxiRenderer::hRC, CToxiRenderer::hWnd, REGISTER_DC, REGISTER_PFD, REGISTER_RC, REGISTER_SET_PFD, REGISTER_SET_RC, CToxiRenderer::resizeContext(), and CToxiRenderer::windowBits.

int CToxiGLRenderer::getRendererType   [virtual]

Get renderer type

Implements CToxiRenderer.

Definition at line 180 of file CToxiGLRenderer.cpp.

References CToxiRenderer::rendererType.

bool CToxiGLRenderer::killContext   [virtual]

Kills current GL context

Implements CToxiRenderer.

Definition at line 154 of file CToxiGLRenderer.cpp.


void CToxiGLRenderer::sampleDrawScene  

Sample Drawscene

Definition at line 53 of file CToxiGLRenderer.cpp.

void CToxiGLRenderer::sampleInitScene  

Sample Init Scene

Definition at line 68 of file CToxiGLRenderer.cpp.

void CToxiGLRenderer::sampleResizeContext  

Sample Resize Context

Definition at line 74 of file CToxiGLRenderer.cpp.

References CToxiRenderer::viewportAngle, CToxiRenderer::viewportClose, CToxiRenderer::viewportFar, CToxiRenderer::windowHeight, and CToxiRenderer::windowWidth.

void CToxiGLRenderer::setupRenderer int    _width,
int    _height,
int    _bits

Virtual renderer setup

Implements CToxiRenderer.

Definition at line 86 of file CToxiGLRenderer.cpp.

References CToxiRenderer::windowBits, CToxiRenderer::windowHeight, and CToxiRenderer::windowWidth.

void CToxiGLRenderer::swapBuffers   [virtual]

Double buffering

Implements CToxiRenderer.

Definition at line 174 of file CToxiGLRenderer.cpp.

References CToxiRenderer::hDC.

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