ToxiTea framework aims to make easier programming of windows, input, extensions, texturing, event handling and all desnecessary coding envolving windows API. ToxiTea its renderer-independent, so its possible change the renderer to OGL or D3D in runtime, you can also create your own renderer easily and create and manage threads very easily. All keyboard its mapped, ready to use and has some interresting options (repeating, switch, timing*, etc). Mouse support its on the way. ToxiTea its completely C++/WIN32 based but a GLX will be certainly coded, license its GNU/GPL (General Public License). ToxiTea its inspirated on RAD tools, such as SWING (JAVA), Borland VCL (Delphi/C++ Builder).
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++release [9.23.2002]: Version 0.4 released, WITH DLL binaries.
++release [9.12.2002]: Version 0.3 released.